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Every project is different and tailored to customer needs. We cover four main areas and a number of cross cutting areas.


Main Services Cross cutting services
Strategy Stakeholder Engagement Reputation Management Training & Development
Implementation & Operations
Developing Sustainability Strategy

The building blocks of strategy development include:


  • analysis of the sustainability mega-trends that will impact on society in the medium and long term;
  • mapping the key stakeholders of your business, identifying relevant issues and assessing materiality;
  • assessing how this creates business risks and opportunities;
  • a realistic view on how the strategy can be delivered through the business Read more


Implementation and Operations

Implementation makes the strategy work in practice. It involves converting the overall strategy into sub-strategies at the functional level e.g. marketing, operations, human resources, logistics etc. ensuring that the neccessary specific and detailed activities are effectively carried out and contolled, and that the capability to do all these things is available and constantly upgraded.


Integration is key. If the case considers implementing a stand-alone sustainability strategy amendments to other strategies (functional etc). are likely a prerequisite.  Read more



Managing Corporate Responsibility Risk

The building blocks of effective risk management include:


  • does Risk Assessment include clear objectives, identification and assessment of risk and risk appetite;
  • are Control Environment and Control Activities embedded with culture, strategy, policies, actions and capabilities;  
  • does Risk Information and Communication include appropriate management reporting on progress against business objectives and related risks;
  • are there ongoing Risk Monitoring processes embedded  Read more 
Measurement, Reporting and Communication

Do you know if your sustainability programme is delivering for the business and society?  What indicators should you adopt? How can you gather data cost-effectively while maintaining quality?

And how best to communicate progress to audiences of varying needs when faced with a plethora of reporting standards, indicators and a constrained budget?   Reed more


 Stakeholder Strategy and Engagement

An organisation can only achieve its business objectives with the cooperation of its stakeholders. Good stakeholder engagement reduces risk, diffuses confrontation, provides opportunities to learn and innovate and makes doing business easier.


We can help you to map your stakeholders and their issues to understand what this means for your business.  We can advise on how to engage effectively and have extensive experience of convening and facilitating consultation events.  Read more


Reputation Management

Many companies embark upon sustainability programmes for reputational reasons but few adopt a structured approach.

Have you identified reputational objectives - reputation for what, with whom? Do you understand your current reputation and how it is impacting your ability to deliver your business objectives? Is there a process for systematically planning and measuring the effectiveness of actions to improve it.  Read more


Training and Development

For many businesses it is line management that will actually deliver sustainability programmes.  Integrating sustainability into the business effectively requires a change management approach and winning 'hearts and minds' is key to this.


This can be reinforced through the performance and development review process and the design of appropriate competencies and objectives for functional managers.   Read more

Developing Strategy

A strategy may be needed for the whole enterprise, for individual topics, for particular geographies, products or brands. The focus may be setting priorities, the right level of aspiration or the challenge of implementation. We work with our clients to determine a programme that matches their needs and resources.


Through a variety of approaches including desk research, interviews, questionnaires and management workshops we can help address some or all of the following challenges:


  • identifying the material sustainability issues for the business
  • prioritising the risks and opportunities
  • integrating the sustainability approach with corporate strategy
  • designing simple, unbureaucratic governance processes
  • integrating sustainability into management and reporting processes
  • marrying the sustainability approach with values, culture and brand

We can help pull all of this together, set out the business case for the strategy and develop realistic roadmaps for delivering the key elements.

If you would like to discuss how we could help you to develop a real-world sustainability strategy, please contact us.


Our services at a glance:
  • analysing the drivers for a sustainability strategy (issues, trends, competitors etc.)
  • developing enterprise-wide, or issue-specific strategies
  • developing business case presentations
  • integrating sustainability into governance, business processes and reporting


Implementation & Operations

Implementation and Operations

Implementation may focus on the sustainability aspects of a full corporate strategy, a specific sustainability strategy, or components thereof, for particular geographies or business units. We work with our clients to determine a focus that matches needs and resources.


Through dialogue, analysis and evaluation we can help address some or all of the following challenges


  • how alligned is the organisation to pursue strategy (focus, trade-offs, cascading);
  • capability for implementing the strategy, whether using internal capability, outsourcing, strategic alliances or mergers and aquisitions; as well as the role of the parent company;
  • how sustainability impact the marketing mix or the value proposition to target audience;
  • how to control sustainability strategy implementation

We can help to design and roll-out appropriate measures to guide implementation with respect to people; business case, communicate, measure, culture, process, reinforce and review. (Bridges Consultancy: Implementation Compass).


We are keen to work along with other implementation experts with our focus being implementation of sustainability.


Our services at a glance:
  • design effective cascading approach
  • identify and assess capability gaps
  • recommend and assist implementing appropriate changes to capabilities
  • identify and install measures to keep implementation on track



Ensuring effective risk management

A corporate responsibility risk review may comprise the whole enterprise or particular business units. It is key to address whether CR risks are proportionally addressed towards risk appetite as well as towards other areas of risks, such as financial. A review may be trickered by a significant event or surprise, or a request from a stakeholder, or as part of a due diligence, an overall risk & compliance review, or annual account preperation.  


We may help build, implement and operate a Business Integrity Framework considering issues such as: Regulation · Bribery & corruption · Environment, Health and Safety – including Social Contract commitment · Conflict of interest – and Anti-trust laws · Record Keeping - and Access to bank accounts e.g. · Gift & Entertainments – and Political contributions · In and Out of the Workplace; Behavior and Discrimination & Harrashment · Business Partners.


 Our focus will be tailored together with our clients. We are keen to work along with other risk experts such as legal, finance or technical.



Through desk research, interviews, document reviews and management workshops we can help to address some or all of the following challenges:


  • the alignment of CR risk appetite and strategy
  • improvement to risk response (avoid, mitigate, share or accept)
  • reduction of operational surprises and losses
  • the identification and management of multiple and cross organisational CR risk
  • the ability to seize opportunities
  • improved deployment of capital

(adopted from COSO Enterprise Risk Management 2004)



Our services at a glance:
  • Assessing risk related to corporate responsibility
  • Assessing the company risk management processes as relates to corporate responsibility risk
  • Develop and review gap analysis
  • Recommend and assist implementing appropriate changes to risk management


Reporting Performance


The need to demonstrate progress in sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Senior management and shareholders want to understand the benefits that their investment of time and resources is bringing and other stakeholders want to see how the company is reducing its negative impacts and contributing to a more sustainable future.


Businesses need systems and processes to gather this data. But at the same time, companies are striving to reduce complexity and bureaucracy, so achieving the right balance is difficult.


We can help our clients to cut through jungle of indicators to focus on the priorities and provide management with a focused dashboard of information that actually aids decision-making.


Reporting and Communication

The demands for information on sustainability performance from certain stakeholders seem endless - but it is far from clear that the resulting Sustainability Reports are read by more than a handful of stakeholders.  External reporting represents one of the biggest demands on time and budget for in-house teams so how can you ensure you are getting value from this investment?


We can work with you to develop a strategy and roadmap for communication and reporting, addressing challenges including:


  • clarifying your communication and reporting objectives and identifying the real priority audiences
  • finding the right overarching narrative for your business;
  • assessing the value of various standards such as the GRI, UNGC and the evolving approach to integrated reporting
  • identifying the right channels and formats for communication with differing stakeholder groups
  • determining the appropriate approach to external assurance


We can also support the development of individual reports:


  • helping to determine the right structure and contents
  • providing copywriting services for report or web content
  • acting as a 'critical expert friend' to review and critique successive report drafts.


If you would like to discuss in more detail how we might help you, please contact us.


Our services at a glance:
  • designing an overall sustainability reporting strategy and roadmap
  • designing communications strategy
  • developing sustainability report structure and content
  • advising on approaches to report assurance
  • report copywriting 'critical expert friend' - reviewing and critiquing successive report drafts 


Engaging Stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement can perform a wide range of functions for the business including:


  • building more positive relationships
  • finding opportunities for partnership on specific projects
  • gaining a better understanding of issues, risks and opportunities to enable performance improvement
  • strengthening assessment of the relative materiality of issues
  • enabling an exchange of views to diffuse potential confrontation

Engagement can take many forms, from set-piece events with multiple stakeholders, to a call-centre operative taking a customer complaint.  It can involve discussion about the business as a whole, or be focused on a very specific issue.


We can help to design an overall strategy for stakeholder engagement, developing a map of the key relationships and issues. We advise on the best way to engage proactively and how to mine information from dat to day channels already in operation.

We are also experienced in convening and facilitating stakeholder or expert feedback meetings, providing great opportunities to learn, improve and build relationships.


If you want to talk about how we could work with you to improve your engagement, please contact us.


Our services at a glance:
  • defining overall stakeholder engagement strategy
  • mapping stakeholders and issues
  • assessing issue materiality
  • convening and facilitating stakeholder events


Reputation Management

Companies recognize the link between a strong reputation and business success.  A good reputation can help to secure better relationships, build trust, command premium pricing or advantageous contract terms.  Customers and other stakeholders are more likely to give companies the benefit of the doubt if they are admired.


But not many companies really focus on their reputation in a systematic way.  What drives their reputation with different stakeholders in different markets? What do they want their reputation to be? With whom? For what purpose?


We can help to make sense of reputation for business.  We help develop reputational objectives that link to business objectives. We can advise on ways to measure and analyse current performance and help structure programmes to improve reputation over time.  We can help to integrate reputation management into governance and business processes.

If you want to discuss how we can help you to improve your management of reputation, please contact us.


Our services at a glance:
  • clarifying reputational objectives
  • analysing and measuring current reputation, and its drivers
  • designing programmes to improve reputation
  • integrating consideration of reputation into governance and business processes


Training and Development

For many businesses the key challenge is how to integrate sustainability into everyday operations and decision-making.  This can be done through process and procedure, and through top-down objective setting. 


It can also be achieved through educating managers and other employees on the importance of the sustainability agenda, the key issues for the business and how they as individuals and teams can make positive contributions. 


This can be reinforced through the performance review and development process - by designing sustainability competencies for line managers in key functions, or for the sustainability team itself.


We can help you to develop a training and development strategy by identifying priorities and helping set objectives.  We can design training and education programmes, either advising on, or developing and delivering content that is specific to your organisation - not an 'off-the-shelf one-size-fits-all' approach.

We can also help to design competencies and objectives that reinforce training, helping to drive consideration of sustainability across the key functions in the organisation.


Our services at a glance:
  • design training and development strategy
  • design and deliver specific training / education programmes
  • design competencies for sustainability teams
  • design sustainability competencies and personal objectives for line teams.