i2i Assurance is an audit company dedicated to ensuring trust to your company. As a licensed independent audit company i2i Assurance is a steward of the public. This is the very essence of i2i Assurance and a purpose directly demanded by audit laws. 


i2i Assurance is part of Insight 2 Improve and share its purpose and values. Insight 2 Improve advices organisations on making business sense out of sustainability.  


i2i Assurance provides assurance on key ingredients in driving your company towards a sustainable enterprise, such as leadership, governance, behavior, systems, processes and performance. We do not perform audit of annual reports.



Working with i2i Assurance is different. We deliver:
  • independent, professional, high quality
  • flexible and in person services of international business-savvy, respected and experienced professionals
  • unburdened with the complexities and overheads of larger organisations
  • under the rigour of strict EU law required approval and public oversight.


Lets talk. We can do more for you than you may perhaps think.




As a board member you often seek assurance from your organisation. As a leader in the organisation you often seek assurance from your staff. Such assurance may be vital for you to be comfortable with governance and performance. We help facilitating and obtaining such assurance.



You may want to provide assurance to your wider - external - audience. We are legally licensed to provide independent assurance in accordance with EU Audit-regulation and International Auditing Standards. We provide such assurance compatible with our Mission Statement.



i2i Assurance - licensed to keep your stakeholders assured.



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Protecting users  - enabling better decisions

We are priviliged to work within a unique strict legal and professional framework that protect users of professional assurance services. Such protection is important as it provides confidence to users on the independence, ethics, competence and due care of assurance providers. Confidence helps making better decisions on important business aspects.